Miniature Gardening - Mission Accomplished!

I like to do it myself.  DIY- no problemo.  Consider it done.  I see some assembly of say, a garden art piece, I immediately think of how I could re-create it in my own style.  I would never buy a "kit" that someone else put together.  Id rather seek out the individual pieces and put it together as a whole myself.  At least, that's how I used to feel. 

The very-necessary blog Garden Rant recommended Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center (TGT).  (Go back and read that again- I said, miniature garden center.)  Considering my recent discovery of fairy gardening, you know I had to check out what they were recommending.  

Four hours of surfing later, I declared Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center the Most Fabulous Place of 2010.  Here is the website. 

Race over there right now.  I'll wait here.

Was it not the Most Fabulous Place?!?

I struggled with my fairy garden plans all summer.  I started and stopped the project more than once.  I was a little more than disheartened.  My brain was taking a long time to grasp the concept of miniature gardening. 

I do things big.  HUGE, if possible.  I don't really "get" small.  But after seeing so many inspiring ones this summer, I really wanted to try it.  I put together what I thought were miniature gardens, but really were just pots full of adorably irresistible sedum, thyme and other creepers.  I love the plants, overbought felt compelled to enjoy several of them, but wasn't really getting the visual impact of a miniature garden that I was seeing planted all over the place.  I just wasn't good at it.  But visiting the TGT site, I finally "got" it!  What if I just imagined that I was an inch tall.  What kind of garden would I have if I were an inch tall?

Epiphany: Inch-tall me has to plant the miniature garden, not five-foot me! 

It's just regular gardening when it comes to mixing textures, height and structure.  Those concepts are also important for great design in miniature gardening!


So as I looked at the plants on her site, the miniature patios to die for, the intricate garden benches, the miniature hanging pots that are actually growing real, rooted clicked.
And I bought a kit.  It arrived today.

I felt like I was cheating a bit buying a pre-assembled kit, but I got over that feeling real quick when it arrived.

The box was really exceptionally and thoughtfully packaged.  Note the red arrow drawn on the top of the box.  This helped me with the special instructions on opening the box and removing the stapled-in-for-safety contents.

When I opened the box, I found it brimming with miniature goodness - every item wrapped carefully and thoughtfully.  Each item had printed directions or comments to help me unpack and use it properly.

What I found the most awesome about the whole package (see the contents as they were unpacked on the left- below) was the business card that Janit, the owner and fellow miniature gardener had included- see it in the photo on the right, below.  Wow.  What a clear statement.  I get it now.


And the church said amen.

It got here in just three days from Washington state and I received real good communication from TGT and JanitI am a new fan.  I am bursting with excitement and a clear direction for this project.  This kit is exactly what I would have picked out for myself!  The smell of fresh dirt and evergreens filled the kitchen as I unpacked and discovered all that was included in my kit.  The full-color, step-by-step instruction book that Janit has published and includes is worth the price of the kit all by itself!  I am now armed and dangerous to create as many miniature, authentic patios as my heart desires!  The manual is well written and well illustrated.  She really has spent the last 10 years perfecting this process.  You can further see that from the galleries full of miniature gardens on her website.

Here is the miniature garden I created in three super-fun hours.  I spent most of that three hours devouring her instruction manual, which is full of explanations for all the mistakes I would have made if I didn't read it before starting.  Thanks, Janit.


I chose to make the curved patio for my selected pot.  I thought it looked best with the roundness of the pots rim.  I'll try one of her other recommended shapes for the next one.  I'll keep you posted on my miniature garden construction over the Christmas holidays.  I am almost finished with this one; my patio is curing right now and will be ready for a final brush off soon.  I absolutely LOVE the final product.  It is exactly as advertised and I am already planning the next one.  This is a very dangerous addiction.

Here are more photos.  The middle photo shows a close up of the teeny-tiny hanging pot that actually has real rooted sedum in it.  LOVE IT.

click on the photos to enlarge and enjoy...

In the meantime, Janit over at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center may just be able to meet your last-minute Christmas needs...check it out.  Tell her "that crazy daylily blogger" sent you!


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Oh great, lovely miniature garden. They so beautiful

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