Daylily Haiku Thursday | Two by Two...

Two pair.  Four faces.
Short-lived, unique, and treasured
blooms fade too quickly!

In the foreground is Larry Grace's H. 'Destined to See.'  This is the first daylily I ever paid triple-digits for, and it has been worth its cost in beauty forty fold!  It never has just one flower open on any given day.  One day this past summer, 14 blooms floated above the foliage.  This is a great trait for daylilies.  If you can find daylilies that clump up and put up at least one scape per fan, you will have what is referred to as a "bouquet" of blooms each day.  Since individual daylily blooms only last one day, its important to have lots of buds on lots of scapes to keep the blooms coming.  H. 'Destined to See' does that really well.

Behind is Charles Douglas' H. 'Pick of the Litter.'  It is the first cultivar of his that I grew here in Michigan (certainly not the last) and I bought it after seeing it wonderfully exhibited at the Long Island Daylily Society's exhibition show many years ago.  This is an excellent show flower.  If you have ever seen pink velvet, (the pale pink kind that changes from light to dark as your hand runs across it) that is what H. 'Pick of the Litter' looks like on the show table. 




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