Daylily Haiku Thursday | Profusion

I miss profusion...
of bloom, of green and the life
that is my Summer.

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The above scenes of absolute bloom profusion in Fran Houghtlen's AHS Display Garden in Norwalk, Ohio.  We visited this garden as one of the tour gardens during the event.  Fran is so cool and had many, many great photo opportunities in her garden.  Her decor was thoughtful and unique, and she provided many little nooks or garden rooms to enjoy.  I think she also was growing some of the tallest oriental lilies I have ever seen.  If anyone has a pic of those mammoths, please send it my way.  I was too busy gawking at it to snap a shot.

H. 'Glorious Appearing' (T. Bell 2004) and H. 'Midnight Escape' (C. Hanson 2006)

These are two daylilies I had never seen or heard of before this summer's tour.  Both had clean and clear coloring, and held up well in the late afternoon heat.    I especially like the starburst midribs in the photo on the right; I think it gives the flower a bit of depth and interest.


Daylily Photo Gallery said...

Nikki you have talent as a photographer, great job. I hope take notes when I see you on tour. "Glorious Appearing" soft yellow color and and the edge has a refined and has a delicate look that is not overpowering. Really Nice thank you.

Nikki Schmith said...

Glad you were able to stop by and enjoy the photos! Thanks for the comment and I look forward to reading what you have to say about future adventures!


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