Daylily Haiku Thursday | "Speed You Well!"

yes, for the most part
the greens of summer are all gone.
lost...on winter winds.

Here is a shot of my front gardens, in full bloom from summer 2010.  That purple Veronica shown in the foreground provides one of the best places for viewing the winged friends that visit the garden.  One day last summer I counted four different kinds of wasp-like insects and three different butterfly/moth types on the same day!  Its like a feeding frenzy.  And this plant is drought-resistant and doesn't mind being crammed in to the somewhat crowded spaces in the beds.  Veronica, or speedwell, is a roadside plant with masses of pretty flowers that "speed you well." In Ireland, a bit of this plant was pinned onto clothes to keep travelers from accidents.

These gardens are bare now; all the foliage has been cut to below 6" and the dirt has been "fluffed" with my Claw tool and all plants have been top-dressed with Milorganite. 

Sleep well, dear plant friends!
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Melody said...

Really good reading here at your blog, including this particular post. I'm coming back for more soon!


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