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Everyone should be obsessed with something, and for Nikki Schmith, that obsession is gardening with daylilies.  

She is the most recent past president of the American Hemerocallis Society and also serves as a senior exhibition judge, a garden judge and an exhibition clinic instructor. She and her entire garden, which now contains a rotating collection of around 500 daylily cultivars, hundreds of other perennials and various unique container plantings, is located in Worden, Illinois.  Her previous gardens in Michigan were featured in The Michigan Gardener and she has registered several unique cultivars with the American Hemerocallis Society.  In 2015, she planted several beds of daylilies in the community park and also maintains her own official AHS Display Garden.

Nikki's written work and photography have been featured in several regional  and national publications, as well as the flagship magazine for daylily enthusiasts published by the American Hemerocallis Society, The Daylily Journal.  The British Hemerocallis Society regularly features her photography in their Bulletins.   Nikki likes to integrate technology as a fun gardening tool. She likes to share and discover new ways to use your computer and your daylilies together.   

In her 9 to 5 job, she is a trainer and education specialist for Ford Motor Company. But her "real job" is a mother, wife, daughter and daylily addict in an amazing family. She is a six-time Best In Show winner of AHS accredited exhibition shows and has won head table awards in many other shows. It is no secret that exhibiting daylilies and being a daylily ambassador is her passion.  She's a fierce and fiery, tender and true spirit. 

If your garden club, social club, billy club or any other kind of club is interested a presentation on daylilies and gardening presented by a passionate collector and seasoned public speaker, email Nikki here. Digital presentations are available on many aspects of daylily life. Prices vary depending on travel requirements. 


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