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This I (now) know for sure:
Knowledge grows deeper with time. 
I came across this photo in my vault of digital images today and smiled. I realized I was having a benchmark moment in my journey with daylilies - a modern moment of noted capricious gardening youth.
About ten years ago, I saw this scape in a regional tour garden. I was stunned.  I had never seen so many buds!
It was jawdropping.
I ooooh-ed and aaaah-ed as everyone walked by me in the garden.
I pointed it out!
I exclaimed!
I...was sooooo under-educated about daylilies. 
This scape is not wondrous. It's a mutation. A fault. And as far as show standards are concerned, it is a fault worthy of great attention. It's called fasciation. Or, in a phrase, "The above photo illustrates a fasciated scape." 
Notice how fat and flat the scape looks.  It looks like someone smashed two scapes together and glued them with clear glue.  Maybe like conjoined twins.  
Click here for the official definition from the American Hemerocallis Society.
Everyone was so gracious to me that day I first saw this scape, thinking I had just laid eyes on the daylily with the highest bud count I had ever seen. They, who certainly were more knowing than I at the time, were so gracious to not rain on my parade and mention that the specimen I was admiring was a dog.
A decade ago I thought I knew daylilies.

Today, through this memory, it was internalized just how long I have been on this green journey and how much further I have to go.
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Bloomin Designs Nursery said...

Hi Nikki,
Remember beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. As the #1 grunt, I am often told the ones I point out are not this or that, but I still like them anyway, even if they are supposedly dogs.


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