Incredible border planting with daylilies!

Each year I am lucky enough to have many opportunities to tour gardens that feature daylilies in their design. You can go to the National Convention, where 600 or so other daylily people gather to tour many gardens and take part in the annual business meeting. Most regions in AHS also offer tours in conjunction with their annual business meetings.

My favorite part of touring gardens is capturing wonderful sweeping border plantings incorporating daylilies. The more sage captured in the photo, the better.

This is one of my favorite color combinations - rich blue-purple, true Big Bird yellow and thistle pink. This is a deep, dreamy border containing plants that complement and contrast in texture and color. The specimens in this garden were a delicious temptation to the butterflies; my notes say I spotted nine species of butterfly during my 40 minute visit on that day.

I saw this tour garden in Glen Carbon, Illinois in 2003. I wonder what it looks like today...
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