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The snow has fallen and my excitement about the 2011 growing season has risen!  Yesterday I picked up my copy of the 2011 Eureka Daylily Reference Guide.  This book has been an annual coffee table book at my home for 11 years and this year is no exception.  I buy it new each year primarily for the photography.  It has become the inspiration print book for daylilies.  I can count on it to show me new cultivars and help me develop my photography skills - there are countless examples of stunning photography to study during the winter months or long bus tour rides.  I bring it along on garden tours to look up cultivars I may see in the garden and want to know more information about.  Its spiral bound, and very easy to use.  The cover selection is always of interest to me.  Landing this cover is, in my opinion quite an accomplishment.  Claude Carpenter's photo on this years cover could have been any one of the dozen A-MAZ-ING photos he has featured in this edition.  Not only is the composition stunning, but his lighting, exposure and choice of subject in all his photos are impeccable.  Way to go, Claude!  (So many wonderful photographers featured - I won't name any more for fear of forgetting someone...)  The image of the cover seen above is from the Eureka Reference Guides website.   If you want to know where to buy daylilies, you want to sell your daylilies or you want your photography considered for publication, check out the site. 

I also bought my 2011 wall calendar and started marking off plans already made for the new year.  The first quarter will be busy- I'm starting off the touring year near Kansas City, Kansas for the Region 11 shindig.  Ill have three seminars at this event - all new programs for 2011.  Bob Faulkner is the keynote speaker at this event...hopefully some of his new 2011 introductions or select seedlings will be in the auction!!  If you are able to get to KC in February, please make an effort to attend. 

Here are three daylilies that I'm looking to buy, trade or otherwise own.  Got any ideas where I can find them?


Tanya Boracay said...

I liked this center photo. Simple and perfect combination

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