Daylily Haiku Thursday | Glee over Three...

three is just better
than one big beautiful bloom.
more to drool over!

You know I don't always love the unusual form daylilies.  Dan Bachman's H. 'Belly Button Slipknots' is an exception to my daylily form exception.  I have shown it before, but when I was organizing my digital photos a couple of weeks ago, I found that I have several really stunning shots over the past couple of years of this one.  The first time I mentioned it was here, and this photo shown on the left from 2010 really shows how it has matured.

Rebloom in Michigan is something I don't take for granted, since it doesn't always happen.  H. 'Belly Button Slipknots' rebloomed twice in 2010 and the rebloom scape was about 4 inches taller than the first set of scapes!  This photo shows three blooms on three scapes.  The throat is screaming green in the morning, which is another great quality.  I also noted that it was almost a nocturnal opener, which is indicated a bit by the next day's buds already starting to crack open at the top of the photo.  Neat.  Neat.  Neat.

Here are a few other bright, colorful photos that might warm up your chilly day.  Here in Michigan it is barely 30F, so I need the warmth!

(H. 'Cosmic Thunder' and H. 'Lunar Kiss')   


Tanya Boracay said...

They start to bloom now.

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