Daylily Haiku Thursday | Last haiku for 2010...

pleating (pleading) lines -
carved into fleshy petals
of color and joy.

This is H. 'Old San Juan' (Santa Lucia 1998)' one of those extremely wide-petaled/blunt-sepaled diploids that I don't see around enough.  I moved this one around a few times before it found a spot it really liked.  I notice in my garden, it needs extra watering and extra sunlight to perform as registered.  And when it does perform- it is stunning.  A creamy-peach base color is nicely complimented by a slightly stippled eye (note the edge of the eye- it's spotted!)  Every time I see it, Im transported to the first glimpse I ever had of it, in Iron Gate Gardens - the home of its hybridizer - during the AHS National Convention.  H. 'Old San Juan' was unlike any other daylily I had ever seen, so wide and so, so plush.

Strange, sometimes daylilies need to be moved into more or less sun to perform better.  In my experience, most daylilies need 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to perform at their best but there are always exceptions to this "rule."  Less sunlight generally contributes to fewer blooms and smaller flower size, but sometimes the break from the sun allows for darker colors to last longer or thinner substances to hold up to the shady heat.  I noticed on this cultivar in particular that the more sunlight it received, the more textured the surface became.  Always something new to learn and discover!


Ingmarie We said...

Happy New Year Nikki and family! And thank you for all the lovely daylilyphotos during 2010.


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