Daylily Haiku Thursday | Threshold of a Dream

time painfully spent-
standing (balancing) on the
threshold of a dream.

This is H. 'Threshold of a Dream,' hybridized by the slightly different and fully fabulous Paul Owen.  It is a 2010 introduction and was planted here in the early spring of this year.  This daylily sent up the scape the week after I planted it and, as you can see, it showed a quiet, peaceful and soothing face.  It has a registered bloom size of 6.25" and I do have to say it was close to that in its first bloom after being dug up and relocated from the serene, rolling hills of North Carolina to the bustling urbanness of Detroit.   I will stand on my own threshold of a dream next summer and wait for this one to show its glorious face and its amazing scape.  You can see photos on Paul's website of the established plant in his garden.  WOW.



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