Daylily Haiku Thursday

unlike anything,
cool Spring calls out to my soul -
awakening life.

I spent that last two evenings in my own garden - playing in the dirt by the bright light of the full moon, clearing away winter debris, and planning for this season's floral explosion.  Yesterday my husband unloaded a quarter-ton of top soil / compost mix from my mulch-mobile, and the neighbors came out to chat about what grandiose plans I had for this year in the garden.

Here are a few photos from the recent past of garden tours in other people's green universe. 

It is quite a brave thing to allow hundreds of fellow daylily and gardening enthusiasts into your yard with their pens and paper and high expectations.  Looking at my newly clean dry erase board in the garage which tracks my garden life for the year, it seems I will see about 25 gardens across the country this year.  This includes the National Convention in Georgia next month, the open gardens and tour gardens on this years regional tour, and personal visits I have planned to some of Region 2's AHS Display Gardens and friends gardens.

Currently I'm gearing up to finish the plant markers for this years new purchases, wash terra cotta pots from last years use, and clear off the autumn sweet clematis.  The clematis grows from starts brought to Michigan from my grandmother's original plant.  I estimate her plant was planted about 90 years ago, so I am thrilled I still enjoy it in my garden.  It also always blooms on my grandfather's birthday, so it is a double sweet memory.  (Special off-topic recall of my grandpa Rudy: he had traditional "brylcream hair," popular with many men his age in the early 1970's, and as a young pretend beautician, I always loved to comb it crazy ways and make him "into Elvis."  He was so patient.)

April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go.
~Christopher Morley, John Mistletoe



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