Daylily Haiku Thursday

lost in a daydream...
bursting! stretching! recurving!
as we were before.

H. 'As We Were' (Peck-Sellers 1992)  A stunning, orange-throated daylily that is tightly recurved and has a very high bud count for me.  Worth seeking out and adding to your collection.

P.S.  Two new followers from yesterday were gifted with small clumps of H. 'May May' for signing up to follow me.  They are in today's mail; thank you for providing your addresses and thank you to everyone for stopping by and enjoying the scenery!


Anonymous said...

did they get flowers because they won a blog contest? maybe i should throw blog contests. follow me and i will send you a poopy diaper. oh wait, i mean if you don't follow me i will send you one. bwahahahaha.

Unknown said...


Where do you get your daylilies? I love them and irises too.


Nikki Schmith said...

I get them from all kinds of places, including (the Lily Auction), Browns Ferry Gardens, Slightly Different Nursery and from local plant sales and gardens here in Michigan. You can also check out for a great list of sources.


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