Daylily Haiku Thursday

unusual forms
lilt like butterflies
new daylily love

Seeing H. 'Kings Golden Treasure' (Rasmussen) for the first time in Chris Petersen's Long Island garden is the first time I can remember being moved by an unusual formed daylily.  From what I remember in the summer of 2006, this daylily sold out and is still fairly rare to find today.  I would like to try it here in Michigan if anyone happens to have any to sell or share!

Jamie Gossard's H. 'Heavenly Curls' is a luscious combination of form and color.  It is distinct, quiet and stunning in a garden that is lit by moonlight.  This one stays open late into the night for me and I enjoy that very much.  I do most of my weekday gardening in the evening since I still have a non-gardening "day job," so flowers that stay open into the night are a bonus to me!

If you are interested in daylilies that open in the evening, or stay open into the night, look for daylilies that have "NOC" or "Nocturnal" noted in their registration statistics at  This link takes you to the American Hemerocallis Society Daylily Registration database, where you can look up the names of daylilies to read more about them.



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