Spontaneous haiku and spring smiles...

a two lawn bag day.
Hooray, Hooray and Hooray!
working outside YAY!

Gardening season is finally here!  I cleared out one large border bed in the front of the house last week while my son and husband were each off doing their own thing.  If you remember from last year, I tend to measure the success of a day spent spring cleaning by how many lawn bags I fill with debris.  Last week it was two, and this past weekend I added two more.  Now I need somewhere inconspicuous to stack them, as the city doesnt start picking them up until May 1.  Oh, no.

I straightened plant markers, removed debris, took mental inventory of what wonderful daylilies I had forgotten I'd bought last fall.  It was glorious not wondering if anyone was fed or bored or sleepy or sad.  It was just me and the garden. 

I forgot about this gorgeous seedling from Dan Hansen in this front bed.  I smiled from ear to ear remembering standing in the pouring rain last year at the Nationals watching the rain just slide off this large, wet, banana cream pie colored bloom.  He mentioned that if we liked anything in the seedling bed to let him know and so when I placed my order last fall, I sent him this picture and told him how much I liked it.  He sent a piece with my order to test here in Michigan.  Hopefully it is just as gorgeous here as it was there.

The husband started a major fence construction/relocation project over the weekend, too, but its completion is far off...  It's never good when you are knee deep in a project that you dont have the proper tools to finish it or the funds to buy or rent the tools.  The fence and gate have been disassembled and the ground is a muddy mess.  No one but the eager Golden Retriever likes the look of it, but it is what it is.  Much like many other things in a state of change.  They are what they are until someone takes responsibility to make it something else.

Home Depot, I'm on my way.



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