Daylily Haiku Thursday - and Exhibition BONUS thought!

working her magic
mother nature stirs awake
my heart is open

H. 'Etched Eyes'

Incidentally, that unknown scape shown on the right in the background of this image is, in my opinion, a great example of the kind of scape you would NOT consider taking to an exhibition on-scape show.   First, there are too many bloom scars to clean up. 

Remember: grooming is very important, and taking the time to shave off those scars with scalpel-like precision will do nothing for your nerves on show morning.  There are also too many brown bracts, and the branching is very scant and top-heavy.  Scapes that are past their peak, meaning that they have bloomed out more buds than they have remaining, are generally considered inferior to scapes that are still in their prime or on first bloom.  Take careful note of the whole scape before you cut it off at the base and take it in to the show.  You may be better off leaving it in the garden and enjoying the last blooms there...

P.S.  H. 'Etched Eyes' did not like it here in Michigan at all.  I bought it once.  It died.  Bought it two more times because I just love its delicate substance and neon eye color, but it did not survive our winters either of those times, either.  I did give up on growing it, but still enjoy my photos immensely.


Unknown said...

I didn't realize that some daylilies didn't like MI. I do have one that hasn't grown a bit since I got it six plus years ago. Perhaps that is the problem. I need to move it and see what happens. Lovely haiku too!

Cody Taylor said...

Hey Nikki
I've had Etched Eyes for several years now and it grows and blooms for me, but being almost directly on Lake Michigan I do get more snow cover than you do.


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