Like-Mindedness = Awesomeness

Although 2010 is just starting to unfurl, I have already attended three daylily events that got my gardening juices flowing.  Most recently, I spoke at the Midwest Hybridizer's Meeting (aka "The Shirley Farmer Meeting") and boy, oh boy...a whole day of sitting in an auditorium listening to like-minded folks always gets me going.

First, I picked up some potted daylilies from Kimberly McCutcheon - all spiders and unusual forms.  She is located at River Bend Gardens in Bellbrook, Ohio.  The picture on the right was taken by me during Northern Mecca last summer.  

Kimberly's daylilies must be unique ones if I picked them up...I don't do those forms, remember?  H. 'Banana Nut Bread,' H. 'Tornado Chaser' and H. 'Purple Eyed Pirate' are now waiting to be planted in my garden.  (Did I ask you to check out her intros yet?)   Below is my picture of H. 'Purple Eyed Pirate' last summer.  It is a very distinct, icy purple with a frosted grey eye.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

Second, I learned about an amazing free Microsoft program called "Photo Story 3" from The Daylily Addict, Charles Dorsey.

How did I not know about this before? 

As he was showing his pre-recorded training of how to use the programs basic features, I know the people around me were annoyed at my gasps and giggles. 

Seriously, how did I not know about this program before?

I'm currently busy making several video-style presentations with my photos and will post some soon for you to enjoy. He produces some amazing pieces of art with this program and I'm thrilled that Charles shared it with us.  You can google it and download it for free.  That makes it even cooler.

Speaking of Charles, you must subscribe to The Daylily Addict DVD-zine.  I have never seen anything like it.  Over the years, many have ventured into capturing and selling daylily related materials on DVD or VHS, but never have I seen such care and quality in a piece of work.  Watching the first edition of The Daylily Addict was like tuning in to a PBS-produced special report.  There are several samples of his work on his website.  Access them by clicking this link.

Last piece of cool information I'll share today is that in just four weeks (Saturday, April 17) THE David Kirchhoff is our Keynote Speaker at the annual Southern Michigan Daylily Society Spring Banquet.  This is a gala event, not exclusive to members, and boasts one of the coolest raffles and exciting club auctions I attend each year.  Tickets are still available.  Attendance is usually over 100, and you will surely enjoy yourself. 

So, although this post resembles an infomercial for SMDS, Kimberly and Charles, I was not coerced into telling you about any of them.  I just figure its good karma to share good nuggets of information with like-minded folks. 

Maybe you'll do the same for me someday.

In the meantime, here is my ultimate favorite photo from Mike and Sandy Holmes place at River Bend Gardens during Northern Mecca picnic 2009...hopefully Sandy, Kimberly and/or Mike may comment and tell us about this seedling!

Enjoy today!



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