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<posted 8/29/2013> I have been thinking a lot about "garden seating" lately. As my garden grows, so do the number of visitors during bloom season.  This year it was about 150 spread out across June and July- some friends and some strangers who have now become friends.  

People just don't want to stand or walk around gardens.  The best conversations happen on garden benches all over the world every day in the summer.  I have two large seating areas off the back of my house, that provide seating for 15 if necessary for a BBQ or a midnight fire.  But, if we want to be out among the plants and gardens, there is nowhere substantial to sit.  Yet.

So, as I ponder what the perfect in-garden seating will be for us, here are some shots of great seating areas I have encountered across the country touring daylily gardens.

Seating areas in Oklahoma and Ohio - one extreme to the next, yet both scenes would make for a nice gathering.  I love the red and blue combination above. 

Seating areas should also provide the sitters with "something to do" like in the photo above.  Tim Bell's garden in Georgia shows off scapes of seedlings for their visitors in the picnic area.

Below. the swings and wind chimes provide for great movement on this pergola, also in Georgia.

This spot above, in Louisiana, was walled in on one side by an aviary - and provided shade and movement for the garden passerby.  

Below, also in Louisiana, a large shaded area with circular seating gives the guests great positioning to chat and laugh in the garden!  (P.S.  Always have a garden trash can.  I think I'm going to go into the "paint the galvanized trash can in spunky ways to sell to gardeners" business, FYI)

The above gardeners really have an eye for garden seating.  This "pink" scene below is in the same garden.  The choice to match the mass container plantings to the punchy seating was smart.  There was a very playful vibe here.  I have great memories from this visit.

Cooler climates in Ohio showed us lush green growth near pond seating. These seating arrangements below were picture-perfect.

And most of the time I take advantage of the seats.  If for no other reason but to enjoy what the gardener has provided for my visit.  I always get a great view, and more ideas for possible seating in my own garden.

Here I am across the country enjoying garden seating...

So my planning continues on what to do for in-garden seating away from the house.  Colorful, playful, neutral, functional, fun, statement, durable...all things to consider...

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Unknown said...

Love your "garden seating" area pics. The hay bales are more my style. :) All are breathtaking.


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