Daylily Haiku Thursday | Feeling Emotion

<posted August 22, 2013>  This is H. 'Spacecoast Dark Obsession.'  It is so breathtaking - the dark shades really evoke some emotion to the passerby.  Do you grow this one?  I used to, until a trade coaxed it out of my collection last summer.  I really enjoyed it when I grew it.

Did you see the post yesterday about my new daylily introductions?  You can see it again here!  It is a big announcement and I need your help, so I hope you check it out.  Many folks have already placed their orders and they go out on Monday!  There are still a few left if you want in on these limited introductions for a great cause.  This money is not going into my pocket, friends, it's going to feed hungry kids in my own community!  :)

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