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This is H. 'Laura Harwood' showing off an abundance of bloom.  The registration information is as follows:  (Harwood, 1997)  height 23", bloom 7", season M, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, Fragrant,  Burgundy purple with a yellow cream halo and a very green throat. ((Blue Lustre × Really Lizzie) × Regal Finale)

This year she is a contender for the AHS' Stout Silver Medal and we will find out if she won in just about a month.  Garden Judges all over the country have cast their votes for the single winner and I am very anxious to see which daylily will win the highest award given to an individual cultivar.  

While looking for a post I had written on judging seedlings a few years ago, I was pleasantly distracted (for about 3 hours) reading through the archives of past blog posts.  Statistics say I have posted 266 times over the past three years and have over a quarter of a million page views in that same time frame.  That is a lot of reading done by a lot of readers.

thinking of the past
remembering crisp flowers
curling in the sun

Anyhoo, while crawling around in the "blog attic" looking for something else, I found a few past posts that I found interesting and meaty.  Maybe you'll enjoy a stroll in the past, too.

What's Overrated - A post on keeping up (or not) with the Joneses.

Here is more of H. 'Laura Harwood.'  She has her quirks, but when she's good, sh's reallllly good.  Color is sunfast, which means it stays purple all day here and doesnt "melt" in the heat.  Bright, wide, green throat is just enough.  

These four photos were taken in three different states in three different zones and have not been retouched at all.  I really like this flower.  I hope it did well in the Stout Medal competition; we will find out in mid-October when the AHS Board of Directors meets and announces the winner.  Here is a list of past winners...  Last years winner was the first daylily introduced in the 21st century to win this prize.  It's on my wish list....

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