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Last week I posted about H. 'Laura Harwood' , a daylily that is contending for this year's Stout Silver Medal.  Many commented on that post, on both sides of the coin.  Some shared my like of this daylily, others questioned my sanity and taste in daylilies.  The good news is that everyone is right.  Either way you fall on the daylily, I'm just glad you commented.

With well over 70,000 registered daylilies and millions of seedlings each year to enjoy all over the world, its okay if you hate some daylilies I like.  We should still be friends.
So this week I thought I would share some of my photos of other daylilies who have made it to the top of the AHS Garden Judges Ballot as contenders for the Stout Silver Medal.

This is H. 'Creature of the Night' and although I have shown this photo before, I am so in love with this daylily you needed to see it again.  I found a clump of it for sale at the Central Illinois Daylily Society sale this summer and snatched it up for $10!  It is still in a pot waiting for a home in the garden, but at least its here.  It will add some real drama to a bed that features a few new upright Japanese maples.

I also like H. 'Thin Man', (seen below) but I only saw this one in tour gardens outside my region the last few years, so I don't really have a gauge on how it does in Region 2.  As I saw this one, it is striking in the landscape and towers above many.  The coloration and form isn't groundbreaking to my eye, but it is consistently large and a real attention-getter when it has multiple blooms open on one day.

standing tall in red
bright and deep in the garden
calling out to you.

So, yes, neither of the above daylilies are my typical "thing" that usually gets my heart pumping in the daylily world.  They aren't beefy and full-formed and laden with ruffles.  But... I'm coming around.  Especially to Jim Murphy and Margo Reed's creations.  Have you seen the Woodhenge website?

Here is the matte-colored H. 'Jane Trimmer'.  I like the texture of this one and it consistently bloomed with no color breaks or form flaws in both my Illinois and Michigan gardens.  Thanks to Nicole Willis for sharing this one with me.  I might not have otherwise added it without your personal recommendation and gift!  (Nicole is also the hybridizer of next year's release H. 'Nikki's Haiku'!)

Here is the complete list of contenders.  How many do you grow and what would you vote for if you were a Garden Judge?  (Ill be giving a presentation on "Demystifying AHS Garden Judges" at the upcoming Lilyhemmer convention in Pennsylvania.  How these daylilies get on the ballot in the first place is quite a process and one that everyone should understand.)

American Freedom 
Carnival In Mexico 
George Jets On 
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be 
Margo Reed Indeed 
Spacecoast Gold Bonanza
Awesome Candy 
Catcher In The Eye 
Grey Witch 
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 
Mynelle's Starfish 
Spacecoast Sea Shells
Bella Sera 
Creature Of The Night 
Heartbeat of Heaven 
Jane Trimmer 
Nutmeg Elf 
Symphony of Praise
Belle Cook 
Firefly Frenzy 
Heavenly Angel Ice 
Laura Harwood 
Palace Garden Beauty 
Thin Man
Betty Ford 
Forestlake Ragamuffin 
Her Best Bloomers 
Lies And Lipstick 
Persian Ruby 
Victorian Lace
Brer Rabbit's Baby 
Francois Verhaert 
Hillbilly Heart 
Mandalay Bay Music 
Shores of Time 
Wilson Spider
Wispy Rays

I have seen all but four in person.  I grow a small handful and enjoy seeing many others in gardens I visit.  I voted for one I grow and love, not for one that has great photos on the internet and is overly-boasted on (marketed) by its hybridizer or its fans.  The AHS Garden Judges have voted for the winner with written ballots (votes were due September 1) and the AHS Board of Directors will make the winning announcement after their fall board meeting this month.  I am excited to see who wins this year - not only the Stout - but the other AHS Individual Cultivar Awards, too.

Til next time, friends!


Bethany Benton Art said...

Hi Nikki, Love the beautiful photos. I have 'Thin Man' and very fond of him (love the haiku)! Aside from TM, I have 'Persian Ruby', 'Firefly Frenzy', and 'Wilson Spider' from the contenders list. Oh, how could I ever forget 'Carnival in Mexico' from the Atlanta Daylily Show? I enjoyed your lovely post. All the best. :-)

Unknown said...

Well, after narrowing it down, then checking it twice, then three times, yet once more, I chose Victorian Lace.


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