Daylily Haiku Thursday | A Pair from Daylily World...


Melting memories,
flowing fast from winters grip
and toward sunny days!

Here are H. 'Rune Mark' and H. 'Star Wishes' from the team of David Kirchhoff and Mort Morss at Daylily World.  There are very few serious daylily conversations that happen on this planet without mentioning these two or their progeny in some way.  They are classic - both the people and their daylilies.  I was lucky enough to visit their original Florida location in 2004, just before they started the relocation to Kentucky.  These photos were taken of the beautiful clumps in Florida.  The heat that day was enough to make me remember it clearly, and so the freshness of these blooms is even more wonderful.  I know that I sure didn't look this crisp in that heat!!

I like H. 'Star Wishes' because that halo balancing on the edge of the bright yellow throat really does look sky blue in the morning.  Fab.



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