Daylily Haiku Thursday | Deep Inside...

Deep inside each one,
is a cave of glowing light.
No day like today!

Daylily blooms truly only last one day.  At the end of their time, they take a bow and shrivel into our memory.  Covered in rain or basking in the sun, daylilies are versatile and forgiving.

Throat colors in daylilies range from pale white-yellow to deep, screaming orange.  I've seen them in green, olive and chartreuse.  Some daylilies have wide ones, some small or not at all!  Much like humans, the daylily voice comes from its throat.  A distinct throat really adds to the overall look of the bloom.  There are some sexy images of distinct daylily throats here.

Haiku is late this week.  But I hope you still enjoy the thoughts.  If you look close enough, you can almost see me in the raindrops.



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