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The time you devote to thinking about your legacy has a correlating relationship with your age.  As one increases, so does the other.

Aside from my daylily obsession, I also scrapbook.  I
scrap because I have an natural desire to be a memory keeper for my family.  Someday I know that I will not remember all the details of the everyday moments in my life, and I'll look to my scrapbooks to provide a visual reminder of our past as a family.

As I have grown as a gardener, certain plants have become pages in the scrapbook of my life in daylilies.  I have gifts of daylilies from special friends who are no longer living.  I have gifts of garden art that cherished people in my life have made.  My son and I have created spaces in the garden where we have built many dirt tracks or miniature quarries.  The garden is a living scrapbook.

When Kimberly McCutcheon asked me if she could give one of her 2010 daylily introductions my name, I was honored.  This is a photo of it I took in June of 2010.  You can see more about it here.  It's now a piece of my legacy; a tangible item that can live on in this place and dance in a daylily garden when I no longer do. 

Maybe it will grow in my son's garden someday.  Then I can always be there. 

I can only hope.



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