Daylily Haiku Thursday

bright watercolors
drip from the brush of sunshine
fluid, flowing, warm.

(l-r: H. ' Eloquent Cay,' and H. 'Tropical Trails')
As always, click on the photos to see them larger.

I have been noodling on how I feel about the "scuplting" or "carving" or "embossing" showing up all over modern hybrids of daylilies these days.  I wasn't sure if it was quick-passing fad or if it was a quality that added to the flowers allure.  Come to find out, I do like it.  A lot.  The clincher for me was the daylily seen on the above right, H. 'Tropical Trails' introduced by Dan Hansen of Ladybug Daylilies in Florida.  I saw this one in his garden and was really drawn to its wide scuplting characteristics.  The scuplting comes waaaaay out onto the petals - consistently.    See the difference between the "sculpting" in both the above photos?  The one on the left shows a more starburst-type pattern with the scuplting, and the one on the right is more long, straight lines.  There are even differences among the differences!  That's pretty cool.

Both of these daylilies have proven their hardiness for me in Michigan. 
I would recommend adding them to your garden to give some of these "sculpted" things a try.



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