Daylily Haiku Thursday | Day Eight of Ten: Favorite Blooms of 2010

reach back!  find the thought
that reminds you of your first
sweet gardening encounter...

This is not only one of my favorite 2010 blooms in my garden, but one of my all time favorite daylilies - H. 'Edna Shaw.'  Thick, luscious substance and its habit of staying open late into the evening give this one a leg up in my garden.  Like most of the daylilies in my collection, this one has its own special back story...Gloria Hite and I were gallivanting around the Carolinas in 2004 for the National Convention and we stopped by Memory Jordan's place.  Memory was still reeling from a very large and brazen theft from her gardens and tall fencing was being installed around the gardens.  As I remember the story, while the Jordan's were out for the evening at a convention function, someone pulled up a truck (or trucks) to her gardens and helped themselves to thousands of dollars of daylilies right out of her sales beds.  What a mess.  But, Memory was still there, digging daylilies in her bare feet.  H. 'Edna Shaw' called to me from at least 30 feet away and I had to have it.  It took a while to settle in, and after 7 years it is now a nice size clump that I will probably never disturb.  Gloria and I have many funny stories from that trip, including missing our outbound planes because we were running around Iron Gate Gardens instead of driving to the airport, and explaining to security that the large, body bag size black garbage bags that we HAD to carry on the plane really were full of freshly-dug daylilies.  Oh, the stories!

Go back and Read DAY SEVEN in this series here. Enjoy!

So far, I have listed the following hemerocallis cultivars for my 2010 favorites:

'Cinderella's Dark Side' (Apps)
'Tempest in a Tutu' (Owen, P.)
'Ron Valente' (Moldovan)
a Bob Faulkner seedling I call the "rainbow firefly"
'Leonard Sauter,' (Carpenter, J.)
'Raspberry Goosebumps' (Polston)
'Eyes Right Jones' (Wilkerson)
'Lee's Loss' (Gates-Hansen)
'Woman at the Well' (Emmerich)
'Worthy One' (Wild)
'Northern Fancy' (Stamile)
'Butterscotch and Ginger' (Klehm)
'Spacecoast Brazen Bandit' (Kinnebrew, J.)
'Wild and Wonderful' (Stamile)
'Edna Shaw' (Wilson, T.)



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