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Winding down this series of Favorite Blooms in my own garden this year has been tough.  I don't want to put a cap on it.  I don't want to give up summer.  I don't want to only list two more favorites!  But, here is number nine on my top ten favorite blooms in my 2010 Michigan garden- it's H. 'Calico Print.'  This is a very hard to find double beauty from Kropf.  I waited a few years to get a piece from my friend Nicole, and she has a very long wait list for it.  I'm not sure what I had to trade her for it, but it was worth whatever it was!  Last year it settled in and only had 5 buds on one scape, but this summer it was in its glory.  Four fans, four scapes with an average bud count of 12.

This daylily is a wonderful double dichotomy of deliciousness.  It is light and dark, thick and thin.  It is speckled and dotted and splashed with color so much that I often stare at it and wonder how to really describe its coloration.  Is it a lighter colored daylily (as its petal tips indicate) with a saturated full eye, or what?  Whatever it is, I just love it and its changing faces.

So far, I have listed the following hemerocallis cultivars for my 2010 favorites:

'Cinderella's Dark Side' (Apps)
'Tempest in a Tutu' (Owen, P.)
'Ron Valente' (Moldovan)
a Bob Faulkner seedling I call the "rainbow firefly"
'Leonard Sauter,' (Carpenter, J.)
'Raspberry Goosebumps' (Polston)
'Eyes Right Jones' (Wilkerson)
'Lee's Loss' (Gates-Hansen)
'Woman at the Well' (Emmerich)
'Worthy One' (Wild)
'Northern Fancy' (Stamile)
'Butterscotch and Ginger' (Klehm)
'Spacecoast Brazen Bandit' (Kinnebrew, J.)
'Wild and Wonderful' (Stamile)
'Edna Shaw' (Wilson, T.)
'Calico Print' (Kropf)



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