Daylily Haiku Thursday

Oh! Oh, happy day!
Boxes upon arrival-
the season is here!

Today's haiku is dedicated to the happiness I was greeted with yesterday - a pile of USPS Priority packages on my porch.  Daylilies filled all of them and I couldnt stop smiling as I opened each with great anticipation.  Thank you to Cindy Dye, Herbie Phelps, Mary Jane Meadows and Garden Fantasies for the great shipments and gifts.  You must visit the above mentioned websites.  Each one of them have something unique and very special to offer the daylily collector.  Make sure you check out the "Products" on the Garden Fantasies site.  They also have some killer daylilies for sale.  Cindy Dye was kind enough to put a copy of the "Modern Daylily" magazine in my box, and although I had seen it, I thought it was real cool of her to include it with her orders.  Nice touch. 

I ordered her H. 'All Creation Sings' and am really looking forward to seeing it bloom here in Michigan. Here it is on a garden tour in Wisconsin.  Don't you love the color combination and wide, golden edge?  If you look close at the picture, you can see the metallic accents on the edge of the petals - a stunning example of a fancy edge.  Another great quality is the orange, slightly pinched throat.  I hope it pinches here in Michigan, too.

I am expecting about another dozen or so boxes of daylilies in the coming weeks and I am working at a fairly comfortable pace getting the beds ready for their arrival.  After an overnight soak in water, the plants are going right into the ground.  I think its the first year I won't have an army of potted daylilies waiting for a home...

p.s. the Creative Floral Arranger's Guild Meeting today went quite well; I'm glad I went and plan to go again next month.  I learned so much in just two hours.  Priceless, practical knowledge.


Manuela said...

I love day lilies and have several in my garden--wish I had more room!

Wendolyn Nicholds said...

Wonderfully distinct like you
enjoyed every moment objectively subjective.
cheers Wendolyn


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