Daylily Haiku Thursday | Pink and Orange

<posted March 28, 2013> This is the daylily, H. 'Wide Wide World'

I love pink and orange together.  On my shoes, in my swimsuit, and splashed around my garden - EVERYWHERE!  It is a wildly reckless color combination.  Check out this Pinterest board; your eyes could possibly fly from your head with glee when they see what's there.  She even has some daylilies featured on her inspiration board.  Pretty cool.  It also reminds me of Easter, so this picture jumped out to be featured in today's haiku.

Anyhoo, I wanted to remind you of a few stories from my past four years here that I enjoyed reading again.  According to Google, these are six of your most-visited stories, too.

Skin In the Game - A post on "getting better."

Enjoy today, and enjoy this upcoming weekend with your families- whether they be formed by law, by blood or by good old fashioned love.

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