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<posted March 7, 2013> 
This is the daylily, H. 'Pistachio Eyes' growing in my Illinois garden.

As gardeners, I think we all yearn for that moment where we can look out over our gardens and say, "Right here, right now, there is nothing else I would change about this view."  Our gardens are designed to create magical moments that carry us away from our inside lives.  My garden is a mini-vacation on an ever-changing landscape that I don't need a passport to enjoy.   Take a moment today to smile about the garden you have carved out for yourself!

Spring is starting to tease us and lists of all sorts are starting to appear...   

What annuals will I use for accent plants this year?  
What hanging baskets will I plant?  
Where will I put the bird feeders?  
When will the plant sale be?  
What shows will I exhibit in this year?
How many plants need new tags?  
What giant clumps need dividing early in the spring?
How will I find 28 hours in a day?
Oh, dear.  

The one big, winter task I set for myself was to update my PlantStep database to enter all the daylilies (with pictures.)  I have not updated it since 2010, and as you know many things have changed since then.  After about 30 hours of work spread out across this whole winter, I am just about finished.  I think I'll also publish an online catalog of my collection using PlantStep's easy catalog publishing feature.  It has not been published yet, but you will be the first to know when it is!

As I've mentioned before, if you aren't using the software for managing your daylily business or personal collection, you are missing out.   It beats any homegrown Excel or Access database with its depth and function.  Love it.  Check out the website here for more information. (and that's not a paid endorsement, it's just my personal opinion.)  

H. 'Little Jazzman' and H. 'Elegant Candy' at the 2012 Atlanta-area daylily show.

While looking for some pictures from my blog to pin to Pinterest, I found two old posts you might have forgotten you had read.  The first one hurt my heart a bit but the yellow daylilies I featured in it hurt my eyes, too!  

The second post (which was one of the first blogs I ever posted) answers the most asked question when people ask me about daylilies - "How did you discover daylilies?"  There are actually two layers to that answer, and this is the first one:

A tad off normal topic, but my friend, AHS member and fellow daylily superfreak Shelly Stasney in Texas is also a teacher in a high poverty area and would never toot her own horn about this, but she is using DONORS CHOOSE to help raise money for her classroom to study diversity.  It is frustrating that teachers have to raise their own money (especially ones who love daylilies), and I supported her with a quick, tax-deductible cash donation THAT WAS MATCHED IMMEDIATELY by a Donors Choose grant because I typed in the code INSPIRE when I was checking out here:

Just supporting my daylily friends who have amazing lives outside of the garden, and thought maybe you'd want to know about it as well. :)

Til next time-  



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