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This summer, we will celebrate two years of living in Worden, Illinois- a small village of 900, nestled in a place that the surrounding population/commerce boom seems to have luckily overlooked.  It's just under one square mile in total area, and we just adore it.  The village even has its own Facebook page!    Our life today is so much different than our last 12 years living the very urban Detroit experience.

Driving through the village about two months ago, I happened to look to my left just at the right time and caught the sight of some white plastic blowing in the wind.

What was that?
Did I just see what I think I saw?
I turned the car around.
Abandoned hoop houses.

I just happened to have my camera and took these shots to share with you and to use on my ever-growing inspiration board.

My mind has raced with thoughts of me - and them - becoming fast friends since seeing them for the first time.  The possibility of having a dedicated space for seedlings of all types and a place for gardening friends to gather.  

I drove my husband and son over to see the new discovery.  I took my mom by to see the fabulousness the last time she was over.  I made a friend drive over last week to show her the possibilities.  Everyone has been  enthusiatically underwhelmed.

I'm a "Field of Dreams" type of gal.  ("If you build it, they will come.")  I am full of ideas and on paper the plans for my quaint, fun, colorful, bustling garden destination make the little pitter-patter in my chest race with green excitement.  This is a big project.  An expensive one.  An exhausting one.  Maybe even an impossibly stupid one, but then again - I have always run toward the fire, not away from it.

These long-forgotten and overgrown hoops just two miles from my house are absolutely my happiness-waiting-to-happen.

Now I just have to find out who owns them and stalk approach them for a conversation...

What do you think my first steps should be in turning this space into Awesome-ville?  Email me and let me know your thoughts.

Here is a great view from the Taunton garden in Georgia for your weary Wednesday.  I visited there in 2010 and loved the scenery!

Come back tomorrow for Daylily Haiku Thursday!



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