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posted 2/21/2013 - this is the daylily H. 'Spacecoast Golden Thimble' glowing off in my Illinois garden.  I would love to see a pattern stamped on something this vibrant.

While I was supposed to be doing something else, I was surfing the internet for new ideas (like I need any more ideas.)  

I found a few I think you would enjoy:

A neat project for you if you are a listmaker and a memorykeeper.

I dont have any stake in any of these websites, nor do I know any of these people personally.  I just came across some cool things I had never seen before (as it relates to daylilies) and thought you would enjoy some, too.  


Anonymous said...

SPACECOAST GOLDEN THIMBLE is an outstanding performer in my zone 5b garden - it will always have a place here!

Nikki Schmith said...

I just added it two years ago and Im so glad I did. It just GLOWS! Thanks for stopping by!


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