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Oh!  Some images just make you wrinkle your nose and do the "nasty-face" they look so good.  

Here is one such photo...   

This image captures a rain soaked moment at Frank Smith Daylilies a few summers ago.  It is H. 'Ava Gardner.'  It was introduced in 2006 by Frank Smith and it is spectacular. I learned a lot the day I took this photo.  I learned how to enjoy a gourmet boxed lunch on a moving bus.  I learned how to balance my camera and a very large umbrella while navigating flooded garden paths.  That day I saw true grace under pressure.  

Good daylilies exude that grace under the pressure of heat, rain, drought and poor soil.  Some gardeners complain that they don't like to deadhead them every day; I say nothing is better than fresh blooms every day.  Some gardeners complain that they only last for a period of time in the summer; I say that makes me relish their presence in the landscape even more.  Some gardeners only know the "orange ditch-lily" seen in their gardening nightmares and think that all daylilies are alike in that invasive, common sort of way.  I say they haven't seen enough of the 70,000+ registered hybrids out there.

H. 'Pacific Coast'

I dig the daylily because it is forgiving, unrelenting, and breathtakingly brief.  They are worth their spot in the perennial landscape.  Once you get into investigating all the daylily options out there, you'll discover they are so much more than your grandmother's ditch lily.

Check out this video to see some other great shots of daylilies!  Please share this video with your gardening friends and master gardener groups.



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