Daylily Haiku Thursday | Scandalous

scandalous purple -
dressing up vanilla white,
splashed in fabulous.

H. 'Scandalous' is an older cultivar that always provides interest.  In a daylily world of many near-white with purple eyezones, its form is floppy and formal at the same time and the eyezone captivates each day.  

I saw this for the first time at Iron Gate Gardens at the end of the National Convention in 2003.  Gloria Hite and I made a "quick" pitstop on the way to the airport at Iron Gate and we barely lived to tell the tale.  I missed my first flight out of Charlotte due to the daylily buying (and the fight with security over my large black trash bag filled with live plants that I INSISTED go on the plane with me.)  From that shopping trip, I still grow this one and H. 'As We Were.'  Gloria and I had many gardening road-trip adventures over the last decade...I sure do miss her now that she is in Florida.  Her dad, Howard was one of the early, leading tetraploid hybridizers and she sure picked up the gene.  

If you haven't seen her website, or her very cool spider and unusual form efforts, you can see it here. She has a near-black (and I do mean black) wide-petaled thing featured out there that I am DROOLING over.

Spring is here and my gardening rhythm has not adjusted to the new location yet.  Im still on Michigan time, which means I have about a month or so until I can get serious about being out in the garden.  Here in southern Illinois, I  feel I am already a month behind!



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