Discounts for AHS Members! |...and Daylily Haiku Thursday

Everyone has their own way of "paying it forward" and building relationships with their customers.  The American Hemerocallis Society (a great big society of daylily lovers) has a membership portal for its members online that contains a ton of great information to help build these relationships.  You can check out the portal here to see the coolness!  Not all of us are "joiners" but this society publishes a full-color glossy magazine focusing on daylilies several times a year and that alone is worth the price of membership.  The Daylily Journal is a world-class publication that no one who loves daylilies should be without.

If you aren't an AHS member, you can become one here.  You can even pay your membership with PayPal and you will get a voucher for at least $25 in daylilies when you join!  Brilliant.

This daylily on the left is H. 'Angelique Fringes' by Klehm.  You might be able to get it from Song Sparrow Gardens in Wisconsin.  I have shown it before, but its hairy edge is worth seeing again.  I don't grow anything more "fringy" in my garden and I can't wait to see how it does here in Illinois.  This photo was taken in Michigan in summer 2011.  I will also use this one quite heavily this summer to make some daylily seed.  I plan to cross it on some very deep purple daylily seedlings I have to see what happens!  Stay tuned.  

Here are three that I am planning to use with H. 'Angelique Fringes' this summer:

the first two are seedlings of mine and the last one is Kimberly McCutcheon's H. 'Blushing Leopard'  

When I say "I'm planning to use them" I mean that I'll take the pollen from these flowers and put it on the pistil of the others and hope that germination takes place and seeds are produced.  If there are seeds produced, I'll plant those in the spring of 2013 and hope for flowers in the summer of 2014.  That is how long I'll wait to see blooms on plants I grow from seed that I helped to make.  It's a looooong process for those of us who don't have a greenhouse, but its worth it.  Those two seedlings you see above are from seeds I made in the summer of 2007.  They are now big clumps and I am thinking of registering them with the AHS and selling them as my own introductions.  How exciting!

As Spring approaches, we are thinking of the daylilies we want to add to our gardens in the 2012 season - and where we will be spending our hard earned money.  On the portal, I recently found that some growers have even taken their relationship building with their customers a step further and offered AHS members a discount on orders!

I've visited many of these gardens in person and recommend you at least visit the websites to see what people are doing with their pieces of the daylily world.  The following growers offer a 10% discount to any AHS Member on orders of at least $100. This offer effective January 1, 2011, and this list was copied directly from the portal.  

Bayou Bend Gardens 59 Bayou Clear Road, Woodworth, LA 71485 (318) 613-7618
Beau Basin Gardens 5237 Moss Street, Lafayette, LA 70507 (337) 896-5502
Cedarthorn Gardens P.O. Box 869, Sherryville, IN 46176 (317) 512-1664
Celesial Gardens 6900 Foxworth Dr, Charlotte, NC 28226 (704) 367-0442

Daylilies Etc
11754 Blackwater Road, Central, LA 70714 (225) 933-4911
Dickerson Daylilies P.O. Box 451, Ark, VA 23003 (804) 693-5240

E and B Farms 541 J. C. Sullivan Road, Louisville, MS 39339 (662) 779-0186
Frank Smith Daylilies 2815 W. Ponkan Road, Apopka, FL 32712 (407) 886-4134

Lily House
15 Kellocks Run, Hummelstown, PA 17036 (717) 220-1918
Newbury Daylilies 1152 East 1600 North Road, Monticello, IL 61856 (217) 762-2792
Sharon's Daylilies 1375 Holliday Road, Vernon, AL 35592 (205) 695-9804

Singing Oaks Garden 1019 Blythwood, SC 29016-8129 (803) 786-1351
Tangled Vine Garden 2950 State Road, Morrow Ohio 45152 (513) 252-7403

Valley of the Daylilies 1850 S. State Route 123, Lebanon, Ohio 45036 (513) 934-1273
(excluding collections and new introductions)

I have been sneaking out onto the back deck and staring off into the gardens lately.  It's that weird time of year when its still too cold to be outside, but just warm enough to make you long for bare feet.  

Cold feet.  Warm Spring thoughts
swirl in sleet and bright white snow
takes me back inside.

Looking out over the beds I just put in last summer and fall...I am so content.  I do not miss the feeling of looking at my gardens in a "what if" sort of way; I've finally created gardens that are exactly how I dream they could be.  They don't lack.  They aren't missing anything.  I don't look at them with an overlay of how I could make them better.  That's a great feeling.

Now.  Go accelerate spring and buy some daylilies!  ;)



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