Daylily Haiku Thursday | Devils Footprint

mud to my ankles-
dripping water on my brow.
bless the falling rain!

This is H. 'Devils Footprint', introduced in 1992 by (IMHO) the original master of patterns, Elizabeth Salter.

Wow.  Ahead of its time for sure. 

Patterns, and who reigns them, are all the talk these days - almost 20 years later.  I have a hard time getting on this bandwagon in my own collection just because these darn patterns are so dependant on soil condition and overall culture (including heat and light intensity), that I just cant count on them performing in my garden as I see them in catalogs or on the Internet.  Even when I have visited gardens and seen them with my own eyes, it certainly isn't a guarantee how it will look in my own yard.  I think that's why I'm a sucker for a luscious polychrome or a sensuously saturated blend - I can always count on them to look exactly as promised.  Now that I'm more south, and almost a zone warmer with a summer that's about 30 days longer than I'm used to, maybe I'll add more to my collection.  They certainly are enchanting.

Enjoy Thursday...


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