The Lust List | Daylily Haiku Thursday

There is so much going on with this daylily!  I must start by saying I do not own this daylily and it is one on my very short lust list.  (I'll post the whole list someday.) 

The lust list contains daylilies that you would pay almost anything for if you could get your hands on a piece.  I won't tell you what else is on my list...I don't want the prices to skyrocket!  :) 

There are very few daylilies I would pay anything for; I can safely say I have never paid more than $300 for a daylily, which is not something everyone who collects daylilies can say.  I have been at a daylily auctions and seen a single fan of a daylily go for $1200.  And another for $1850.  And yet another for $4000.  It's not common on the most popular auction site for daylilies (a site I adore), to see them sell for well over $200 - daily.

This daylily is from John Kulpa, out of Michigan.  It was registered in honor of a woman who has been involved with many aspects of Michigan daylilies for at least two decades with the Southern Michigan Daylily Society and the AHS- Barbara Delisle.  She's a fiery lady who is as detailed as this daylily appears.  Bold, refined and formal.

I love it and I love Barbara.  We have grown a great friendship over the last ten years and I'm glad we weathered the storms. 

free me from this joy!
patient anticipation, yet-

So if you find this one for sale, or if you can convince John Kulpa to sell me some, do what you can for me.  <wink, wink>


Lona said...

It is a gorgeous one but wow I cannot imagine paying so much for a lily no matter how pretty it is.Here I thought I was paying to much at $17.99 for one. Silly me. LOL!


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