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PROJECT I MUST ADD TO MY OWN GARDEN: I took several pictures of a double-wide (and easy to make) bench at the Goudeaus. This is the that made for a very comfortable respite. It was about 30" wide, so several tired bottoms could rest on one seat and not feel like they were in a garden club prison line-up.  These benches were all over the garden.  The benches were wide, the swings were extra long and extra wide and they were everywhere, too.  

15 minutes before our bus driver completely beached our bus and stranded us in the garden, I was relaxing on this very bench, constructing it in my own garden.  The next thing I remember is us boarding the bus and taking off for the Pressler Garden when we came to a screeching halt.  We were beached.  And tipping.  DEBOARD!  DEBOARD!  We quickly evacuated the bus and headed back to the beautiful garden.  Here is our bus stranded across Blackwater Road.

Why, yes, thanks for asking.  That is our bus' drivers side front tire completely off the ground.  It turns out it is difficult to drive when this happens.  Who knew?  Nine other buses on the tour took the corner just fine apparently...we must have had a problem with our weight distribution.

What a treat to get more time there! Two state troopers, three wreckers and one very interesting tow truck driver later (seen below), we were headed back to the hotel with our good moods intact.

It IS all good in Baton Rouge.



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