Daylily Haiku Thursday | Profiling...

On the edge of it!
Summer will soon come - and unfurl
its warm, short embrace.

H. 'Mary Jane Carpenter'

H. 'Mary Jane Carpenter' is one I do not grow in my Michigan garden, but have adored it in many other gardens.  Even its filaments are thick and hearty.  Look at that pistil - neat coloration, form and substance.  Good form all around. 

From the Judging Daylilies handbook, substance is the thickness of tissue structure which determines the holding quality. In judging substance, the firmness and evenness of petals and sepals are points to consider. The amount of matter and moisture in the petals keeps them firm and crisp. These characteristics enable the flower to withstand weather conditions, retain form and freshness, and give life to the color.

Cultural practices, both good and bad, with reference to soil preparation, water, fertilization, and protection from insects and disease are reflected in substance. Substance with great durability may vary from thin and veil-like, with lace-like daintiness, to thick, crisp, fleshy substance. Good garden practices have much influence on substance.

Have I told you before that I really love substance? I love it in my friends, in myself, in my work and definitely in my daylilies...



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