Daylily Haiku Thursday | Describing the differences...

i do love stretching
 a lazy day into many.
blooms are not far now.

Here are six photos from the 2008 Region 2 Summer Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin.
Top L-R: H. 'Atlas Shrugged,' H. 'Tholian Web' and H. 'Becky Stone'

Bottom L-R: H. ' Star Spangled,' H. ' Wayside Painted Lady' and H. 'Double Breakthrough'

I chose these photos because each one of these daylilies has a distinct quality that is different from all the others.  Can you describe these distinctions?

Last week's Daylily Haiku Thursday became Haiku Monday instead.  Celebrating Easter, Spring Break and my son's sixth birthday filled my days with joy and fun, so there was none left for haiku. 

I hope you enjoy today's entry. 
You know you can go back and see all the haiku, right? 



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