Daylily Haiku Thursday | Being alone.

there are little things
that make hearts flutter and sing-
you must listen, quietly.

Many moons ago (maybe a decade) I went anonymously to what they call "Daylily Mecca" in central Florida. I went to many gardens and even stopped by a daylily show at the local mall without really talking to anyone. I love daylily people, but that one-woman-tour was heavenly.

I remember being a fly on the wall in these gardens and at this show, and I wish I did that more today. It's hard to go to gardening events today and just enjoy the moment. I'll ease back into truly enjoying what is going on around me as it is happening - soon. Reliving events and relishing the memories after an event - often through photographs - isn't as fulfilling as living in the moment.

This bloom of H. 'Birds Eye' is one example of the pristine scapes on display at the show that day. Look at those buds and the strong, proportionate scape. It was spectacular.



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