Daylily Haiku Thursday | Filling the frame...

 filled with color!
gardener's eyes soak it in,
saving it for spring.

top left, from back:  H. 'One Last Dance' and H. 'Banana Pepper Spider'
top right from back: H. 'Juanitas Picotee Delight', H. 'Beyond Thunderdome' and H. 'Orange Velvet'

top left: H. Let It Rip'
top right: Lilium (no relation to the daylily at all) 'Suncrest.'

These photos caught my eye while file surfing today.  I love the color riot!  The flowers fill the frame and make the photo go on forever.  Scapes and buds at various stages tell a good story of the longevity of the daylily in the garden.



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