<posted July 2, 2015>  This is Nicole DeVito's BULLETPROOF, just one of about 15 of her introductions growing in my Illinois garden.  I had the great fortune of visiting her garden in Florida this past May and it was a real treat.  I bought 4 unregistered seedlings (unheard of for me, since I am a stickler for registered cultivars I can exhibit in daylily shows.)  They are all four thriving here so far.  

I also picked up KEEPER OF THE STARS and FORTUNE'S BLUEPRINT during my visit.  She also gave each visitor a special daylily to honor her "Breakfast in the Garden" tradition during Florida Mecca.  The peach one she gave this year was STUNNING!!!  There it is in the photo on the left.  Thick substance - this photo was taken at 2:30 in the afternoon on a hot Florida May day.  WOWZA. What I like about Nicole is she does things her way.  She follows her hearts direction in hybridizing and in gardening.  Her garden was a bubble of fun in so many ways.  I wish more gardened that way.  I can guarantee you that visitors to your garden pick up on the undercurrent of emotion on which you garden. That might sound strange, but your green space is an extension of your inner vibe. 
The karmic rhythms and meters in your garden transfer to those who visit just as you leave a bit of your own vibe behind in those you visit.  

Here are some more photos of my visit that day.   All of the daylilies featured below are unregistered seedlings as of this post.  The third pic below is one of the four seedlings that I bought and brought back here to Illinois!  It was at least 9" in this photo.  I hope it thrives here, too.

Nicole's mom fashioned this chandelier for the picnic area.  Notice all the garden tools?  F.U.N.  There she is in the blue hat below...  (she also grows a mean blackberry.)

After the crowds left, Dreamer was able to come out and roam. More fun.

The above seedling was one of my favorites of the day.  It was so big and so flat and had a deep, heady fragrance.  You can find a complete list of what she has available and contact her directly on her website here.  

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and I hope I left behind some good vibes when I left her garden that day.

Til next time-


john odgers said...

Thanks Nikki
You sure enjoy yourself with all your trips .


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