Daylily Haiku Thursday | Gray Day

the gray surrounds me~
steals color from sunny dreams.
leaving slush behind.

Here are two great gray-eyed examples.  On the left, H. 'Out of the Blue' is a tiny sprite of awesomeness.  It does have quite a wispy scape and really dislikes these Michigan winters as much as I do, but I keep it in my collection anyway.  I love the burst of color in the throat and the raspberry penciling on the eyezone.  Like most daylilies in this color range, its best photographed in the morning, as it fades quickly as the sun heats it up.

I have shown the seedling on the right before, but when gray thoughts came over me this morning I had to bring out the photo again.  It is a Bob Faulkner seedling that morphs into a completely different flower by evening.  The eyezone completely bleeds out into the grape-purple petals as the day ages and almost covers the whole surface.  I love watching it throughout the day, bleaching itself in the hot sun.  I miss the hot sun.  Summer, come back soon...



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