Ida Munson Candidates... | Please vote your Garden Judge ballots!

Each year AHS members who choose to become Garden Judges are allowed to vote on most of the major cultivar awards that are given out each year.  One of these awards is the Ida Munson Award, given to an outstanding double.  Of the 23 nominated cultivars, I have nine.  Here are my photos of those nine candidates (and my top picks) for the Ida Munson Award.  There are some awesome cultivars competing this year for this will be hard to choose a winner.

Which one would you vote for?

H. 'Honey Crunch Cupcake' and H. 'Margaret Tucker'

H. 'Amanda's Little Red Shoes' and H. 'Topguns Anita Causey'

H. 'Douglas Debate'

H. 'Rose Storn' and H. 'Royal Corsage'

H. 'Firefly Frenzy' and H.'Two to Tango'

There are many things to consider when voting for a winner- plant habit, bloom length, garden value - not just the pretty face.  Remember the criteria from your judges training and if you need a refresher, please re-read the appropriate sections of your handbook before voting.

If you are an AHS Garden Judge, your ballots are due by September 1st.  If you've lost your ballot or would like to download the judges handbook for free, you can do so here.  Even if you aren't a Garden Judge, you can click on that link to see what the ballot looks like, and what other cultivars are eligible for the different awards!

Your vote counts...please send in your ballots.



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