Day Four of Ten : My Favorite Blooms of 2010

 H. 'Eyes Right Jones' takes the award for Most Photogenic for 2010.  I must have 50 shots of just this cultivar.  Many, many introductions claim with catalog faces to produce 3/4" edges and matching eyes with ruffles, dimples and pleats to spare - but not many deliver in the north like this one does.  The edge of this bloom is so ornate that its almost painfully pleasing to observe.  It never fails to open, never fails to exhibit this drool-worthy edge and has this amazing quality of "stitching" just above the edge that I cannot get enough of it.  Sometimes the edge is more plum-purple, sometimes it is smooth yellow, sometimes its an equal mixture of both.  It is awesomeness.

I'll stop drooling all over the keyboard talking about its awesomeness and just let you enjoy the next few pics of this 2006 Wilkerson introduction, registered at 29" tall and with a flower at 6.5".  I love this one so much that it is the only feature flower for today. 

Random thought for today:  People always want to talk prices when they see some of my daylilies.  "How much is that one, anyway?"  Go ahead- ask.  Well, if you insist, this particular daylily has a market value of about $60.00.  (That's not too terribly expensive considering Ive seen some daylilies go at auctions for upwards of $3000.00 USD.) 

So far, I have listed the following hemerocallis cultivars for my 2010 favorites:
'Cinderella's Dark Side'
'Tempest in a Tutu'
'Ron Valente'
a Bob Faulkner seedling I call the "rainbow firefly"
'Leonard Sauter,'
'Raspberry Goosebumps' and
'Eyes Right Jones.'



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