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The breathlessness continues today.  H. 'Holiday Party' was the show stopper.  I measured this bloom at 7.75", which is way larger than it is registered, but the first blooms are usually the biggest.  I have had some serious lust over this one for a few years and finally added it to my collection last fall.  This three fan clump produced scapes with about 10 buds each.  It is in a prime viewing spot in my front perennial border and it sure stopped some foot traffic yesterday.  I must find a way to be more tolerant of the nosy passersby.  I find myself bottom-end-up in the front garden digging out, planting in or pulling weeds when I hear someone talking to my backside.  Maybe I will start to wear a sign on my behind that says -"iPod in not disturb gardener."  I could even put a smiley face on it to make it seem more friendly.  No?  Okay.
As I meandered to the other island bed in the front of the house, there was H. 'Mexican Magic.'  Oh, be still my heart.  This muted purple-peach-apricot color combination is so unique.  I also like how the petals are slightly raised from the sepals, allowing me a peek at their pattern, too. 
The term used for the pattern in the throat area is "applique"  which some pronounce app-luh-kay (with the emphasis on the final syllable) and others pronounce app-lee-kay (with the emphasis on the middle syllable) while still another group says app-leek (with the emphasis on the last syllable.)  You pick your own pronunciation, I'll just continue to call it stunning. 

I got this one from Bill Maryott and his BOGO sale last year.  He's running a massive sale right now that is worth checking here for his website.

And then there is one that is typically not on my radar, but truly exemplifies its given name - H. 'Simplicity In Motion' by region 2's own Sharon Fitzpatrick.  It really is about eight inches of simplicity in motion.  Not too many overt bells, whistles, teeth, patterns, app-leeks, pleats and the like...just blissful form and function.  The edges fade to a complementary white as evening arrives.  The bloom is extended as well, which means that it stays open well into the night, after most daylilies have started to close up shop.  It is tall and has scapes that support the bud count and bloom size.  All good stuff.  Look at those sepals.  See how they curl at the ends?That's simple beauty.  And it's interesting.  A combination that is hard to come by. 
As always, if there are daylilies I write about that you may want to add to your own collection, here are a few sources I recommend for finding something I've mentioned.  However, when at all possible, I always try to buy from the hybridizer of the plant.  It helps support their efforts, and I am more confident I will get what I want if I order it right from the horses mouth.  Secondary markets are great for most things, but for some stuff you want extra assurances...(IMHO)

1.)  Google it.  For instance, go to google and type "simplicity in motion daylily" in the search bar and see what comes up.  Usually you get several options from which to purchase the desired daylily.

2.)  This is an auction site dedicated to selling daylilies and daylily related producs.  Visit the site and key in the name of the daylily to search the auction listings for it.  You may just get lucky and have some fun along the way.

3.)  Use the Eureka.  Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page.  There are about 20 daylily-specific nurseries that sell thousands of varieties.  Click on their names to see what daylilies they have for sale.

4.)  Ask me!  I may have some to share, sell or trade.



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