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This morning I lost my breath.  I lost my breath when the corner of my eye caught an explosion of color outside my bedroom window.  An audible "Oh!" lept out of my mouth before I could filter it.
Daylily season is here.

My gardens have passed the first-bloom, it-will-look-better-next-time stage and is in full-on explosion mode.  At least half of my daylily cultivars are blooming now and there are very few that do not have scapes yet.  The color is rejuvenating to my soul.

I've stopped wishing for daylily season to get here.  It is right outside my door.  I filled a five gallon bucket six times over with liveheads last night.  I handpicked each bloom and enjoyed its intricacies up close, one at a time.  This is how my day melts away.  Every day.

I've stopped wishing for those mornings when my feet are waterlogged from wandering too long in the dew-soaked grass.
I've stopped wishing for my eyes to be filled with color instead of just brown and green.

I've stopped clicking through last year's photos of the garden, wishing that I could smell those 'African Queen' trumpet lilies or run my hands up an intoxicating frond of russian sage.  I can smell them now.  Sometimes I breathe in so deeply that it hurts, but I don't want these moments to pass too quickly.

It's here. 

And although my head knows that the days are quickly passing and the avalanche of bloom will be over just as quickly as it started, my heart is rejoicing in its presence.

Picking favorites is futile now - each bloom laughs at me as I try, each one is more beautiful than the next.   When I step back, inhale the garden and feel the corners of my mouth turn into a grin...that's how I know the sweat is worth it. 

Did you have that grin today?

It sure felt good.

Daylily event not to be missed:  The Southern Michigan Daylily Society Daylily Exhibition Show, Saturday, July 24th,
2010.  Bordine Nursery - Rochester, MI location.  Visit this website for complete schedule and tutorials on daylily exhibitions.
Photos- top to bottom:  a kaleidoscope of color ready to explode in one of my border gardens, H. 'Swashbuckler Bay Boy,' and H. 'Nicole Enduring.'  Photos taken 6/27/2010.


Catherine said...

Mine are blooming like crazy also!!


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