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Sometimes you are moved to tears.  They are not tears of sadness, but of undeniable blissful happiness.  I wiped those very tears from my eyes today as I stood in the garden of Tim Bell and his amazing family.  The American Hemerocallis Society Annual National Convention kicked into high gear today with the first of two days of bus tours.  We saw three gardens...and will see three more tomorrow.  This tour is five years in the making, and every minute invested can be seen in the smiles, hugs, and even tears of the convention-goers eyes.  If you have never been to a garden tour, do your insides a favor and plan to attend.  You can check out this website for more information on other daylily related meetings in your area.

As promised, here are my Top Ten Favorite Photo Moments of today.

H. 'Pirate King' and H. 'Madiba Magic'

H. 'Alpine Ruffles'

I put the above photo here to illustrate the immaculate state of Bell's Daylily Gardens.  I took 210 photos here and could do a years worth of blogs on just this place.  The edges were pristine, the markers were all set near the same height, the borders were organized, coordinated and amazing.  Notice the plant markers and edges in the above shot.  This is how the entire several acres looked.

H. 'Love is Deep' featured in a perennial display and H. 'Fabrege Easter'

H. 'Painted Pinwheel' and H. 'Savannah Skipper Doodle'

H. 'The Blue Parrot' was the most outstanding daylily of the day.  W.O.W.

This dragonfly balanced delicately on the tip of a daylily bud and posed for several shots.  He was quite proud of himself, as should our Georgia hosts this weekend.  I am overwhelmed by the generosity, completeness and hospitality of the Valdosta Hemerocallis Society and the entire state of Georgia daylily growers and supporters.

More coming tomorrow! 


Ingmarie We said...

Fantastic photos! I do really like the one with the dragonfly. You have taken photos of so many wonderful daylilies but the daylily H. 'Alpine Ruffles' is stunning. White and 'black' daylilies are my favourites.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the report and for the wonderful pictures!

Sue Ellen said...

I love to visit the Bell's garden. We have been the last three years but probably will not get down there this year. My husband says that I go there for inspiration and I think that he is right because I do come away every time inspired to create in my own garden a little piece of the beauty that I see there.


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