Daylily Haiku Thursday

it's just not quite right.
avoiding. teasing. fleeting.
you're elusive, blue.

H. 'Ledgewood Calico Blues'
Hybridizers all over the world are aiming to be the first one to bloom a true blue daylily.  It seems to be one of the "holy grails" of the daylily world.   Think blue like hydrangeas, or blue like poppies or blue like iris or plumbago...real blue.  I hope it happens soon!


Ingmarie We said...

A wonderful photo of very lovely daylily. And I just adore the arbour in the post below. Impressive.
PS! An American Chief is my red favourite daylily!

Lee and Jean Pickles said...

I always enjoy visiting your site. The images are always amazing.

Nikki Schmith said...

@Ingmarie We~ AMERICAN CHIEF is so big! I like it, too.

@Lee~ glad to see you stop by. Wish I could have joined you in Wine Country!


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